Reliable, trouble free operation in demanding, high capacity on/off and control applications


  • Robust, heavy duty trunnion bearings
  • Unique Stemball® construction, no backlash on stem to ball connection, anti-blowout stem
  • 2-piece split body
  • Application based seat selection options, metal-to-metal and soft seats
  • Metso Q-trim® technology for control applications, anti-cavitation and noise attenuation
  • Latest Metso Q2-trim option available for gas applications
  • Low emissions according to ISO 15848, from cryogenic to high temperatures
  • Fire safe certified according to API 607
  • SIL3 certified


  • High, long lasting tightness
  • Trouble free operation even in most demanding applications like abrasive, solids containing fluids
  • High Cv, including noise attenuations trims, which are designs self-flushing
  • Increased gas noise attenuation with Metso Q2-trim as option
  • Easy to maintain construction
  • Low emissions, environment and operator safety


ConstructionFlanged, trunnion mounted, full  & reduced bore ball valve
Size rangeDN 50 - 900 / NPS 2" - 36"
Face to faceASME B 16.10
Pressure ratingsEN PN 10-100, ASME 150-600
Temperature range-200 °C … +600 °C / -330 °F … +1110 °F

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