Series : VG9200 - standard anodised aluminium alloy enclosure, intrinsically safe and explosion proof

Type : Intelligent safety solenoid for Foundation eldbus and HART. TU?V SIL 3 approved partial stroke testing system for emergency shutdown valves

Input : Foundation eldbus: FF +0/24 VDC, HART: 0/24VDC with RCI9H or 4 - 20mA

Supply Pressure : 3.0-7.5 bar / 44-109 psi Temperature Range : -40 to +85 °C /-40 to +185 °F

Communication : Foundation eldbus, HART

Key Feature :

* Valve and self tests- Partial stroke test (automatic or manual)- Self test for internal electronics and pneumatics- Emergency trip test
* High pneumatic capacity eliminates the need of additional instrumentation in most cases

* Device is powered during the trip and can collect diagnostics information * Easy of use local / remote operation

* Advanced device diagnostics including - Self-diagnostics- Online diagnostics- Performance diagnostics

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