The Goedhart VNS range of single discharge ceiling mounted air coolers are specially designed for use in chill rooms, working with an air temperature of ± 0°C. The air coolers are especially suitable for vegetable and fruit storage, working with a small ? T to prevent dehydration of the product. The height of the air cooler is low, so the maximum space in the chill room can be utilized.

The Goedhart VNS range is part of our customized industrial series. The advantage: A very high degree of customization is evident. The coil blocks have copper tubes mechanically expanded into fully collared aluminium fins. A good thermal contact is achieved by expansion of the tubes into the fin collars, that are also utilised as spacers to provide a constant distance between the fins. All coolers are pressure tested to 40 bar (lower by cooling mediums) and are supplied with a light over pressure charge of dried air. Suitable for almost all known refrigerants and coolants, with the exception of NH3. Standard refrigerant connections are positioned on the left hand side of the unit when looking with the direction of the airflow.


Engineering levelCustomized products
ApplicationAgricultural (+20°C to -5°C)
Number of types16
Capacities HFO/HFK8,7 - 66 kW (R404A dx - SC2)
Capacities CO213,4 - 69 kW (CO2 dx - SC2) up to 60 bar
Capacities Coolant26 - 113 kW (E-glycol 37% tl1=5°C tin=-7°C tout=-4°C)
Fan diameter350, 400, 450 and 500 mm
Max. number of fans each aircooler8
Air configurationblow-through
Suitablefor all known refrigerants and coolants, with the exception of NH3

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