1. This valve is designed and produced based on the size of safety valve for steam and gas (KSB 6276)
2. Since this valve adapts bellows of balance structure, its structure is not inuenced by a back pressure.
3. The structure does not allow outow of the uid to safety valve’s body, thus, this valve would use for poison gas or ammable gas.
4. Since this valve is a lift type structure, it could obtain larger capacity than the safety valve with a full bore type.
5.The main materials of inside is made of STS316, so this valve has an excellent corrosion resistance. 

Introduction: This valve is generally used for pressure vessels, tracing equipments and pipes at the petroleum, gas and chemical plant. This is especially used on the place which is inuenced by a back pressure of outlet side, the place which is not allowed uid’s owing to outside of safety valve and the pl ce which has some worrying about distortion or corrosion of spring by corrosiveness of uid or temperature

Size: 15A-50A

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